Forestry and woodland management - Essex & Suffolk

Forestry and woodland management - Essex & Suffolk

Tree Surgery & Forestry in Suffolk & Essex
Guy Jones Tree Surgery & Forestry

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Guy Jones - Bures, Suffolk


All aspects of forestry and woodland management operations are undertaken whilst taking account of the diverse issues involved such as timber production, conservation, sporting interests and landscape/amenity value.

I can provide assistance with grants and felling licence applications for a range of woodland management options which may incude:

  • Coppicing
  • Ride widening and maintenance
  • Thinning of plantations
  • Final felling and restocking including marketing timber
  • Clearing unproductive / low grade timber for bio fuel woodchip.
  • Deer impact surveys and culling programme

I can also supply and erect any fencing needed to protect regenerating coppice or young plantations, such as electrified deer fence, rabbit fencing etc. All other agricultural fencing also undertaken

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